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The Meadow

Jonathan, the Fastest Snail in the Meadow
(Concise version)
Jan Luthman
They found Andy building a huge ant nest in a sunny corner of the meadow.  Andy

"Hi Andy," Robbit yelled up to the top of the hill.

"Hi Robbit," Andy called out of the corner of his mouth, his teeth clenched on a large twig, "What can I do for you?"

"We were wondering," Robbit began, "if you could steer Jonathan."

"if I could do what?" Andy's mouth dropped open in amazement, and his twig fell out, tumbling down the hill.

"Steer Jonathan," Said Robbit.

Andy scurried down his hill, grabbed his stick and bustled back up again.

"You crazy?" He called out behind him, "You think I've got time to steer a sleepy, slow snail?"

Jonathan bristled indignantly.

"I'm not sleepy and slow," He declared, "You just watch me."


With a noise rather like a little jet plane taking off, Jonathan screeched off across the meadow and out of sight.

"Wow!" Exclaimed Andy from the top of his hill.

They watched in amazement as Jonathan raced round in the distance and headed back towards them.

"Oh, oh," Said Robbit.

"Jump, Ant!" Yelled Old Mrs Spider.

But it was too late. There was a loud crunch! as Jonathan crashed right into the middle of Andy's carefully built pile of twigs and little sticks. Andy came hurtling down and landed at Jonathan's feet.

"Ooooph!" He gasped.

"See?" Said Jonathan triumphantly, "I told you I wasn't sleepy and slow!"

Andy stroked his chin thoughtfully.

"You want me to steer Jonathan?" Andy asked Robbit, "Why?"

Robbit explained the whole story.

"H'mmm," Said Andy when Robbit had finished, "I never did like the beetle boys.' it would be nice to chase them off the meadow."

Andy climbed up on the front of Jonathan's shell

"I've never driven a racing snail before," He said, "This could really be fun."

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