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MATILDA Finds a New Home

(Shorter Version for Younger Readers)
Jan Luthman

It was the middle of winter, and late at night.

The snow lay silvery white in the moonlight and, far away in the forest, an owl hooted in the cold winter darkness.

Cosy in her nest, Millie snuggled deeper under her thistledown blanket and sighed sleepily.

All of a sudden, there was a knocking at the door.

Millie leapt out of bed and scurried across the floor - who on earth could it be?

She opened the door, and there stood Matilda, her teeth chattering with cold.

"Oh, Millie," Matilda wailed, "A great big animal stood on my nest, and squashed it flat."

"Oh!" Millie gasped, "How awful!"

"And now I've got no home," Matilda's almost began to cry.

Millie pulled Matilda in through the doorway.

"Come in where it's warm," She said kindly.

Millie bustled off to the kitchen and came back with a large mug full of hot sweet bramble juice.

"There," She said, "That'll warm you up a bit."

"You're so kind," Said Matilda, "I don't deserve it after being so horrid to you."

"Never you mind about that," declared Millie, "Let's get you tucked up nice and warm."

Millie opened a cupboard and pulled out a great big soft thistledown quilt.

"There," She spread the quilt on the floor in front of the fire, "You can sleep next to me."

Matilda snuggled under the quilt.

She felt warm and safe, almost as if the little nest had put its arms around her and given her a great big comforting hug.

Moments later, she was fast asleep.

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