Childrens stories and fables.
by Jan Luthman


  Childrens stories and fables - The Old Farmhouse
The Old Farmhouse

Childrens stories and fables for the young at heart of all ages, all of them original, complete, and absolutely free; and none of them available anywhere else in the world except here.
They do not depend on animated pictures, so you can print them off then read them anywhere you want: in bed, or curled up in an armchair, or on the bus, or wherever else is comfortable.
There will be a new story from time to time; all of them are completely free, and there is nothing violent or cruel or nasty in any of them: that's a promise.

These short storybooks are about all the many little creatures that have made their homes in the The Meadowmeadow that lies next to the Old Farmhouse.
They are about
Robert the Rabbit, known to everybody as Robbit, and his best friend Jonathan, the smartest and cleverest snail in the whole meadow.
As well as
Robbit and Jonathan, there are Millicent, the harvest mouse, Andrew the ant, and many, many more - not forgetting the animals' special friends, Farmer Jack, and his wife, Katie, who live in the Old Farmhouse.

The Old Farmhouse is called that because that is what it is - an old farmhouse.
In fact, it's a very old farmhouse: so old that it's become all wobbly, just like a very old person.
Its roof is wobbly and its walls are wobbly and, inside, its floors are wobbly as well.
It's only a small farmhouse, but
Farmer Jack, and his wife, Katie, are very happy there and wouldn't live anywhere else in the whole, wide world.

The meadow lies close by the Old Farmhouse, on a hill that leads down to a tiny stream and a pond.
The meadow is small, just like the Old Farmhouse, but, in the summer, when it's full with flowers, it's so pretty that, sometimes,
Farmer Jack and all meadow creatures sit there in the afternoon sunshine and think how happy they are just to be there.

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