A Boho Style Toddler Bedrooom

To share more children's room inspiration, we asked Joanne of @joannes_home2 to show us a moodboard preview of her little girl's bedroom featuring the Grasslands organic single bedding. We can't wait to see the finished project!

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In Joanne's words...

"My interior style has evolved so much this past year and Lola-belle’s side of the room that she shared with her big brother Chester was next on to do list. I loved the look of Chester’s side but Lola-Belle’s didn’t have the same vibe so I wanted to give it a little spruce.

I want the room to have a certain feel but for them to also have their own spaces within the room, so keeping the walls all the same using a limewash paint against the panelling will tie it all together. They will have different beds, bedding and cushions etc to give their side it’s own identity. Lola-belle is fast approaching 2 years old and her favourite toy is her rattan dolls pram so that’s the main inspiration for the theme of the room.

She will get a bigger bed with a rattan headboard to add texture and a boho style. The grasslands print was exactly what I had in mind, I wanted to add pattern through the bedding and I loved the delicate design and subtle colour palette, I think it will tie the whole room together."

We agree! We think this is a beautiful room scheme. What do you think?

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