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The Old Farmhouse

The Old Farmhouse

Stories for Grown Ups.
by Jan Luthman

For all our many grown-up readers

"If He Should Lose His Own Soul"
A full-length book in sixteen weekly instalments

When great wealth beckons, few can resist its lure.

Based upon real events in West Africa
"If He Should Lose His Own Soul"
is like all stories at Farmhouse Fables original, complete, and absolutely free.

Caution for parents: We don't think the story contains anything offensive, but there are one or two relatively mild expletives

If He Should Lose His Own Soul
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Instalment 3 Instalment 4
Instalment 5 Instalment 6
Instalment 7 Instalment 8
Instalment 9 Instalment 10
Instalment 11 Instalment 12
Instalment 13 Instalment 14
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