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The Old Farmhouse
The Old Farmhouse

Welcome to our page of hyperlinks to recommended Sites around the World.

We've checked out the Sites for content in keeping with stories and pictures in Farmhouse Fables.

They are perfectly safe for young children to visit.


Pictures and Drawings of Fairies by a talented artist
Fairies World
Fantasy Artists from around the world


Wild Flowers of Ryedale For older children and history lovers
The New World Tapestry


Visit Country Artists Butterfly Fairies

Sites of Interest to Parents and Grandparents

Send someone in the UK a special cake
Fairy Cakes
by Helen Jane Lawrence
Filmed in the beautiful English countryside, favourite nursery rhyme characters are brought to life in an entertaining and realistic way
Croft Video Productions

We receive a lot of visits from k12's in the USA, and have numerous links with educational establishments and libraries around the world - from Korea, through Australia and New Zealand to Sweden, the UK and, of course, the Internet Public Library at the University of Michigan - you might like to take a look at some of them:

The Internet Public Library - University of Michigan

The BBC (British Broadcasting Corp) guide to "The Best of The Web"
(Farmhouse Fables was formerly a BBC "Pick of The Week")
Part of the Swedish Schoolnet supported by the National Agency for Education .

English Education Sites

English online
A professional development resource for English teachers developed by UNITEC Institute of Technology and funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Education. Farmhouse Fables is listed as "Fables for Children" in an alphabetical listing under "Resouces for Students".

K12 school USA

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