our promise

Always Natural & Sustainable

We only work with brands & manufacturers that produce using natural and sustainably farmed materials such as organic cotton, linen and bamboo.

All bed linen sets on our website are produced from 100% organic cotton with OEKO-TEX certification.

What is OEKO-TEX?

OEKO-TEX is an internationally recognised certification body that seeks to reassure consumers that products are free from harmful toxins. It's the world's best-known label for textile safety.

OEKO-TEX does not refer to how the product was farmed (unlike being certified as 'organic'). Instead, OEKO-TEX relates to the processing that the fabric undergoes post harvesting.

We are striving to ensure that all products, wherever possible, are organic and OEKO-TEX certified - the gold standard for safety & sustainability.

Natural & Breathable

Natural fibers such as cotton, linen & bamboo are known for their breathability & moisture wicking properties - ensuring your little one has a comfortable nights sleep.

These properties offer what we call 'thermo-regulation', keeping you cool in Summer & cosy in Winter.

Unlike synthetic fibers, such as Polyester which is a plastic produced from fossil fuels, natural materials biodegrade relatively quickly. Within weeks, depending on the conditions.

Polyester, or Polycotton (which is polyester and cotton blended) will stay in landfill for decades, potentially hundreds of years.

Polyester is still frequently used for bed linen due to the lower cost, especially for children's bedding. We want to encourage you to make the right choice for sleep quality and for our planet.